The English Council ECTESOL Course Syllabus

Fourth Edition—Completely Revised and Updated Reference No.  EC15520015

150 hours English Council ECTESOL Course Syllabus

The English Council’s
150 hour course offers a full introduction to the essential TESOL skills and knowledge necessary. This course includes a host of added extras to improve your confidence and ability to produce good lessons every time. You will learn about the tricky subjects of English grammar and English pronunciation improving your employability.

The ECTESOL certificate will help you to be able to teach all manner of students, plus being able to specialise in teaching particular students and specific types of English classes. As well as the comprehensive all round training, which will prepare you to be able to teach all levels and all ages of students, both adults and young learners, there will also be the modules to help you specialise in teaching all aspects of English including business English. The ECTESOL course is an ideal course if you want to get 
high-level TESOL certificate and be prepared for any eventuality in your future teaching.

Undergoing a TESOL course is probably the best way to learn, analyse and fully understand all aspects of the English Language

Course Content 

The English Council 150 hour TESOL course offers a full introduction to essential skills and includes a host of added extras to improve your confidence. You will learn about the tricky subject of English grammar and the idiomatic use of English, which will ultimately improve your employability with a TESOL certificate that will not only help you in the teaching of adults and young learners, it will also help you specialise in teaching particular students and specific types of English classes, you will be able to specialise in any aspect of English after undergoing the ECTESOL course.  The English Council ECTESOL Course gives you an internationally recognised TESOL certificate.

The English Council ECTESOL course is a modular course. Each module is an independent component of the course and can be worked on independently or in conjunction with other modules of the course. Each module has to be completed to a satisfactory standard along with monitored and feedback lessons, to be able to obtain your certificate and to be registered as a competent teacher of the English Language

21 Modules (176 units) of the ECTESOL course

Module 1(12 units):  Introduction to TESOL and English throughout the world.

Module 2 (12 units):  Introduction to the General Context of Learning & teaching

Module 3 (18 units):  An Introduction to all aspect of English Grammar

Module 4 (7 units):  How to Teach Grammar       

Module 5 (12 units):  How to Teach Vocabulary

Module 6 (14 units):  How to Teach Pronunciation

Module 7 (13 units):  Phonology its importance in teaching & learning English.

Module 8 (9 units):  How to Master and Teach Tenses.

Module 9 (9 units):  Teaching the four skills - What are the component parts                                         of these skills ? 
Module 10 (8 units): Mistakes, Instructions, explanations and giving feedback

Module 11 (17 units): How to Teach Productive Skills - Speaking and Writing

Module 12 (4 units): How to Teach Receptive Skills - Listening and Reading

Module 13 (6 units): Course books, authentic materials and Lesson planning

Module 14 (4 units): Games and Activities

Module 15 (6 units): Cultural Awareness in general and especially in the                                                  Classroom
Module 16 (3 units): Teaching Practice.

Module 17 (5 units): Intensive English grammar study

Module 18 (4 units): Intensive training for Vocabulary and Phonology

Module 19 (5 units):  Teaching Aids and Technology in the classroom

Module 20 (5 units): Finding Work

Module 21 (3 units): First teaching your paragraph here.

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